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Terms and Conditions

In this section you can find all the legal information when diekcant car rental give the cars in rent to theirs customers.

It is very important that you get some minuts to read this information.

  • Mínimum age to rent a car it is of 21 years old.
  • Requirements to rent a car: identification copy, driver linces copy, and a garanty deposit.
  • Diekcant Car Rental give to the customer free kilometers in all your rents and in all the cars.
  • Diekcant Car Rental give to the customer the car with full gasoline or diesel and the customer have to bring it back it with the same fuel, the customer has to pay for fuel if the car is not full when it be in our offices back.
  • The customer can pay in cash (only the rent), transference or deposit (BAC San José, Banco de Costa Rica y Banco Nacional), and with your credit card or PayPal ®.
  • The guaranty deposit can be payment only in credit card.
  • When the rent is finished the customer has one free hour to return the car, after of that the customer have to pay one day more.
  • The minimum rent is for 24 hours for all the cars
  • Daily Rent from 1 to 6 days of rent.
  • Weekly Rent 7 days of rent.
  • Biweekly Rent from 8 to 15 days of rent.
  • Monthly Rent from 16 to 30 days of rent.