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Diekcant Car Rental S.A. Tries to guarantee you a security travel and pleasurable, also of the insurances that you already know, too we change all our fleet every 2 or 3 years to give you a new car every time that you come to rent with us. However there are some factors that be beyond our control, for it we have some information for you:


You have to drive the car like if would be your, because the insurances of the car don’t pay all the kinds of damages, it have to be payment for you.


Don’t let computers or articles inside of the car, because the insurances won’t pay those kinds of accessories.


Don’t parking on the street; ; remember that you can use public parking, with it you won’t have to pay for tickets or steals to the car.


Remember to review the levels of water, oil and liquid of brakes.


You are responsible for violations of the law, for that drive the better possible


Remember bring the rent receipt, identification and driver's license.


The value of windows and windshield of the vehicle are very high, you are responsible for any damage to it , well, whether or not their fault, remember that parts must be purchased at the agency respective vehicle.


If you choose keep the vehicle for a few days more , remember call our office to provide the relevant authorization and inform the next steps.


Always wear seat belts , whether over short distances, belts save lives and traffic tickers.


The minimum speed on our roads is 40 km / h and high 100 km / h. the speed limit in the streets and roads 60 km / h. the maximum speed may vary in certain areas.


Diekcant Car Rental and the Instituto Nacional de Seguros won´t pay to bring the car, some transportation if the car don´t work for bad driver of the customer, for example, drive for rocks, places that don´t exists streets between another.


If you are involved in an accident, please do not move the car, notify us immediately to assign the policy number and then wait until the authorities arrive; transit police and insurance company


If you have a mechanical breakdown, please call us, because we will provide roadside assistance 24 hours per day and we can make the change of vehicle anywhere in the country.