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Intermediate Rents

Are you interested in renting a vehicle for a minimum of 3 months?

In DIEKCANT CAR RENTAL always innovate for you, we call intermediate rents to rents of medium term, this rents should be minimal of 3 months, applies to companies, national and foreigners, after of the 3 months of the contract the customer can return the car when it wants, but if the customer returned the car before of the 3 months can incur in a penalty, should to pay the total of deposit in guaranty.


  • Rate special monthly paid per month in advance
  • A rate not be affected by the change of seasons
  • Service of transport to the customer to any of our offices or the delivery of vehicle if we don’t have offices near.

Here you can check the intermediate rents services rates, taxes and insurances and include, full coverage with a fixed deductible $ 800, if you want other insurance the rates could change:

Vehicle Transmission Rate monthly
Suzuki Alto (nuevo) MANUAL $ 877
Suzuki Alto MANUAL $ 780
Suzuki Celerio TRICTRONIC $ 925
Suzuki Swift D-Zire MANUAL $ 900
Suzuki Swift D-Zire AUTOMATIC $ 950
Toyota Corolla Hybrid Edition AUTOMATIC $ 1100
Toyota Yaris MANUAL $ 1000
Toyota Yaris AUTOMATIC $ 1060
Suzuki Jimny MANUAL 4X4 $ 996
Daihatsu Terios Bego MANUAL 4X4 $ 1206
Daihatsu Terios Bego AUTOMATIC 4X4 $ 1406
Toyota RAV4 MANUAL 4X4 $ 1510
Toyota RAV4 AUTOMATIC 4X4 $ 1660
Toyota Prado TRICTRONIC 4X4 $ 2242
Suzuki Ertiga MANUAL $ 988
Suzuki Ertiga AUTOMATIC $ 1138
Suzuki APV MANUAL $ 1138
Suzuki APV AUTOMATIC $ 1288
Hiunday H1 MANUAL $ 1730
Toyota Hiace MANUAL $ 1998