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Operating Renting

Agile and fast, from one to several vehicles, carefree maintenance, marking, rtv insurance and other costs, auto substitute until 10 days per year totally free for persons applying legal or natural, contract for 12 months or more.

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Renting vs Leasing

Why Renting is the best option in Costa Rica?
Renting Operating Leasing Financial Leasing
You can buy the car
The vehicle will be your in the final of the contract You can buy the car NO YES
Full Coverage Insurance YES YES YES
Tax Deductible monthly YES NO YES
Preventive and corrective maintenance YES NO NO
Oil Change YES NO NO
Substitute vehicle YES NO NO
Emergency and Assistance Service 24 hours YES NO NO
Tire change YES NO NO
At the end of the contract about my car? Changing the new one Must change yourself


Physicals people
  • Deposit in the amount of the monthly payment
  • The monthly advance fee
  • State account credit card the last 6 months
  • Copy of identity card or passport
  • Driving license update
  • Certification of income from a public accountant or salary record
  • Original legal personality with no more than two months issued
  • Copy identity card of the legal representative
  • Copy of driver license
  • Financial Statements of the company's last three fiscal periods

    New Car
  • Maintenance preventive, 35.000 km are included
  • Assistance 24/7in all the country
  • Remplace car
  • Marchamo, Rtv and Plates of the car
  • Full cover with a deductible of $800
  • Car can be rotuled for the company
  • Deductible of taxes in a 100%
  • Washer weekly of the car in our offices
  • Special rates in rentals with Diekcant Car Renta
  • credit of 30 days without deposit / or deposit in credit card